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ANJ slams safer gambling action plans, rejects six.

ANJ slams safer gambling action plans, rejects six.

L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s gambling regulator, has notorious “tiny critical progress” in operator’s action plans to cease area gambling, one way or the other rejecting six of them.

ANJ examined action plans presented by 235 racetracks, 203 casinos and 7 gaming golf equipment.

Six plans enjoy been rejected, belonging to five casinos and one gaming membership.

Under an acceptable describe imposed on 2 October 2019, all operators in France are mandated to put up action plans to operators, detailing agendas to fight in opposition to fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and safer gambling initiatives.


For casinos and gaming golf equipment, ANJ acknowledged that virtually the total action plans had been licensed – but reiterated the requirements it predicament out for 2022.

The 2022 requirements asked casinos to greatly fortify their safer gambling initiatives for customers, specifically specializing in “monitoring instruments, inner organisation, workers practicing” and safer gambling information.

Overall, ANJ acknowledged there had been “few critical advances or innovative actions” in action plans belonging to casinos and gaming golf equipment.

In gentle of this, ANJ is predicament to liberate a ideal information for casinos that will predicament out programs to name and fortify those that might well well maybe also very smartly be combating gambling addiction.

Racing action plans

ANJ acknowledged that the action plans introduced forward by the National Federation of Horse Racing – which encompasses 235 racing companies and 10 regional federations in France – enjoy been “substantially identical” to those submitted in 2022.

ANJ emphasised that the racing entities must proceed to carry out a distinction between areas which might well well maybe be dedicated to families and spaced dedicated to betting.

Upon reviewing money laundering action plans earlier this month, the regulator acknowledged that “critical progress” had been made.

In February, an marketing and marketing action thought created by French national lottery operator Française des Jeux (FDJ) develop into rejected by ANJ. In its criticism, ANJ acknowledged the thought develop into now not entire ample, and didn’t dangle the 2022 criticism referring to gambling marketing in France into consideration.

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